Folder -> HTM index

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Folder to HTM index creates a web (htm) page in the folder of your choice with links to all the files in that folder.

Works on any version of Windows - no need to install, just download and doubleclick to run it.

Simply navigate to the folder of your choice by DOUBLE clicking; all the files will be listed in the bottom section.

Click the 'Create HTM index file' button and the program will inform you when the task is completed.

I created the program because browsing files in some mobile devices can be very tedious - and after having downloaded almost fifty chapters of a book, each in individual webpages.

How to use on recalcitrant mobile devices.

After having created the index file copy the entire folder onto your mobile device or storage medium (USB, SD card etc.).

Use a File Manager to locate it and write down the filepath.



Head to your browser and tap the URL.

Type "file:///" + the filepath + "/" + the name of your index file. (In my example it is "file:///storage/extsd/1/1.htm")

And tap the "Go" key.



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